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SEO Sydney Specialist

Paying for SEO Services within Sydney has turned out to become an expensive thing for alot of businesses. With Agencies charging a fortune its no wonder that businesses are forking out most their porifts to pay for marketing services within Sydney. As a Freelancer i do not have any overheads to pay for, no commercial real estate bills and every single dollar of yours will go towards growing your business & helping you gain more revenue:

Hi There, My Name Is Erfan & I am a Freelance SEO Specialist Looking To Help Bring Your Business Exponential Growth In Organic Traffic & an Increase In Overall Revenue:

Dont pay for Agency Overheads, Bills, Office Rent & Weekly agency events and lunches. As a freelancer, your payments directly go towards your Return on investment.

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  • 2016

    2016-2017 SEO Executives at one of Sydneys top SEO & Digital Agencies

  • 2017

    2017-2018 Search Engine Specialist & Digital Marketing Guru

  • 2018

    2017-2020 Grew my own baby clothing comapany ranking in the first page for keywords such as baby onesies within USA.

  • 2020

    2019- Present Freelance SEO with numerous clients with positive ROI from SEO


If you are a new business in town and looking for ways to attract the right audience and a valuable reputation of your business then Search Engine Optimization is something that can make your business stands out in the digital market. The world search for a lot of things and sometimes the traffic can be a potent not because of the traffic but because of the very particular and high-intent traffic. Though, SEO is crucial and complex to understand but it’s the best way to boost your online business and we at SEO Sydney aim at providing you all the SEO services that you need to boost your business.

It is necessary to understand the significance of SEO since it is the biggest web spider which would crawl to take the best of your business and would provide significant rankings in search engine. SEO helps you find the right and potential customers for your product. There are ways to get a targeted audience such as through verbal referrals, but they don’t help you grow and also lack scalability.



What is SEO?

For a better understanding, I will explain SEO and how it works so that you know how it boosts the position of your website, your published content and how it affects the growth of your business collectively.

Search Engine Optimization is a process, which optimizes your website, promotes it on major search engines, expand your website’s ranking and provide you potential, and organic customers.


We all use search engines to find specific information using keywords and questions. When we search, Google shows us the results of which it considers the most relevant, competent, and useful by using its multiplex algorithm.  It is not like using social media where you look for the desired content by scrolling through and browsing a new website. Search Engines works the opposite. Most of the search engines apply algorithms based on user behavior so at the end of the day, you are optimizing for end-user as well.


A search engine is a web-based system that is designated to process web search.  People use search engines ( i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo ) to find important and their desired information, and in return search engines provide them the prioritized results. Google’s spiders crawl the web, grab the stored database when a user search out something. Google doesn’t perform live internet rather show the results stored in its index.

The process of Google ranking is not that simple. All the search engines use some criteria for showing the final results. They understand what your content is, your meta-tags, and your keyword density; in short, they will understand what your site is about. They also hold the records of which pages have the most links to your content. The search engines observe all of these factors along with some other factors to decide which page has the most relevancies.


 To get your content reach to the right people or your target audience, you need to constantly optimize your content because showing up on the front pages of Google lands your content among the relevant users. Let’s take an example you have a great article about how to get rich using social media. Now to get your article rank on search engine’s front pages, you have to optimize your article so whenever a user will search using the keyword ‘how to get rich’, your article will show up.

Many business owners tend to rely on themselves and don’t bother an SEO mechanism. The most important and foremost thing to rank your website on the front page is to make sure that:

·       No matter how small business you are, search engines can discover and notice you

·       They know what your content is all about

·       They trust the credibility and plausibility of the content you are promoting 

Elements that Affect Search Engine Optimization

Since we have looked into what SEO stands for and how it works, it is crucial to discuss the factors that affect Search Engine Optimization. You need to understand that search engines such as Google will never leave your website in the abyss or leave it unnoticed. It will observe and understand the uniqueness of your website. But on the other hand, we all know that Google is never going to get rid of its heavy algorithm which it uses to rank website so what we can do is to understand the elements that affect search engine rankings. Let’s dive into the effects.

  1. Content Marketing
  • Search Intent

When a user is searching for information on Google, there is always a motivation or a reason behind their search. You need to make sure your content matches the search intent for that keyword.

  • Content Quality

The key factor to attract your target audience is content. Yes, without engaging and quality content, all efforts to optimize are in vain. Search engines try hard to look for quality content. Never underestimate that. Good content which not only interests the audience but which also adds positive value to their life is crucial. The more quality and engaging your content is, the more likely your audience will spend time on your site.

Your content should be fresh and updated. Fresh Content means that website’s pages have been updated and new ones have been added. Search engines will notice this factor and will take into account when determining your website’s ranking. But it doesn’t mean your website has to post every day rather you can also edit your old posts, adds new stuff which the audience is looking for. You can add blog posts, visual content, DIY, video tutorials, social media content, audio recordings, e-books, and white papers to help your website rank higher in search engines.

  • Social Media presence

Your presence on social media and building ties and connection with your customers helps a lot in finding loyal customers and updating them every time you update your content.

  1. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is a process you have complete control over. Yes, you can help your web pages rank high by playing mindfully with the HTML of your website. Once you fully understand how important quality content is, you would probably understand the importance of On-Page SEO as well. There are a few factors you need to play to improve the value of your site. I have listed the On-Page SEO factors so that you can help grow your search ranking.

  • SEO Friendly Titles

SEO friendly titles are necessary. Your title tag on each web page tells what your site is about. You need to be sure that the characters are 70 or less not more than that. The title tag should be the key tag your whole content is built upon.

  • SEO Friendly URLs

Nowadays, you will find the URLs to be SEO-friendly, particularly when it comes to popular CMS systems like WordPress or Shopify

  • SEO Friendly Meta Description

Your Meta description gives a fine idea to the search engines what each web page is about. It should include your keywords to make your visitors understand what your content is about. Remember, your content should revolve around your keywords. While it won’t necessarily help you in ranking but it is in your best interest to make sure your Meta -description is explaining and presenting the page very well.  To write an SEO friendly description, you need to stay within one or two sentences, about 150 characters, and you’re good to go.

  • Internal Linking

Internal linking is extremely useful if you are talking about something and you add a product with a direct link to that product. It will help users find the product that you think they would be interested in and you want to promote or sell. Add internal links in your header, footer, and navigation.

  • Image Description and ALT Text

If you are adding images to your blog and you want to explain what the image is as descriptively as possible including keywords or phrases. You’ll explain images to make Google understand the image and it will automatically index your images.

So while you play with the HTML of your site, it is also crucial to understand Over-Optimization. Yes, you heard it right! Follow the following tips.

  1. To avoid penalization of your web pages by Google, you need to avoid doing over-optimization, which means not adding too many keywords in your content.
  2. Your content should be engaging and unique enough to be focused on one or two keywords.
  3. Your website design should be according to the niche of your content. Prefer a design that makes search engines grab your web pages easily.
  4. Your website design should be mobile friendly because a lot of users search for information through their mobiles. Make sure the mobile users easily view, read, and scroll through your content.
  5. Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO factors also help in growing your web pages’ ranking but unlike On-Page you don’t have control over Off-Page SEO.  To boost your Off-Page SEO, you only need to make quality content, trustworthy links, and strong social ties. Here you go.

  • Gain Google’s Trust

Though it may seem a small factor to look for nit has great value. Google’s site makes sure you have trustworthy backlinks. You can gain a search engine’s trust by developing quality backlinks of sites that have authority. Authority links are links from those websites who have developed a degree of trust with search engines.

  • Trustworthy Links

Make trustworthy links, take time to develop connections with influencers, bloggers, and your audience who create popular and fresh content and will create links to your site in their content.

  • Strong Social Presence

You can uplift the ranking and value of your site by being strongly present on social media. Yes, the number of likes and shares never goes waste. It does wonder only when it of good quality. Too expand SEO, you need to be socially present and make content that can get likes and shares of influencers. Strong ties are very necessary to build a strong space for your content.

As a small business owner who can’t afford penalization by Google, lose the value of its brand, it is extremely important for you to also have a clear idea about the factors which become the cause of the demotion of your website. SEO  is several tactics that are used to uplift and raise websites in search engines but what happens when these tactics are used the opposite or should we say shortcuts! Yes, you heard it, right. Business owners try overstuffing of keywords in cheap articles and buy trade links to fool search engines, but as by time search engines have become sharper, they penalize the low and cheap quality content made to get views. This way, your brand doesn’t only lose its credibility but also the trust of Google and users.

How Does SEO Boost Your Business

SEO helps small businesses grow fast, upgrade their website’s speed and get them known in search engines, and bring more potential and serious customers to them. We already know how powerful it is, what wonders it can do your website. But you should also remember that ranking high is not the main thing. A good SEO gives you organic and unpaid traffic and customers who are interested in your brand.  The following are some of the important ways in which SEO helps you boost and expand your business.

1.      Upgrade Website’s Speed

Slow speed affects the website’s ranking badly which costs business owners too much. For this purpose, SEO upgrades your website’s speed, provides you a neat, uncluttered design, and helps you make a user-friendly and smooth website that motivates the user to stay on your site and explore more content. It increases page views and builds up ranking as well.

2.      Reach Targeted Customers

The main reason for starting a small business or building a website is to grow your business, stand out from the competition, and expand your customers. Businesses that have SEO are more likely to succeed in ranking higher in search engines and succeed as twice as fast than the ones who don’t follow SEO. This is probably the most powerful and important strategy all the successful businesses are using. If you have small money to spend on SEO, believe me the investment will be worth every penny you spend.

3.      Increase in Social Media Followers

Your business will be a talk of the market once you start to land on the first pages of search engines. Your brand’s recognition will go a long way. When users will explore your site, they are more likely to see your social media and automatically follow you.

4.       Build Brand’s Awareness and Credibility

SEO helps enhance your brand’s awareness and authenticity. When it starts to appear on the first pages of search engines, and get you to reach the targeted audience, the users are more likely to trust and explore your brand when they search for a particular keyword. Brands who lack a strong web presence suffer from the awareness and trust of customers. That’s why small businesses must seek the help of SEO.

5.       Lead the Competition

No matter how many competitors are in the market, your business can always take the lead; bypass all other brands by seeking the help of SEO professionals. 

Why professional SEO Help is Crucial for you

The online world of business is growing rapidly, and to avoid being tangled in the mess of web data and losing your business at all, you need to seek professional SEO services to help your business turn web users into customers. Just look at the market in which successful brands have been using professional SEO services for years and continue to get high rankings.

Remember, the more powerful your competitors become, the more difficult it would be to compete with them. You should also understand that you, alone cannot compete with the expanding landscapes of businesses, nor you can do in which you lack expertise so the wise and decent way to promote your business is to hire an SEO professional which not only help you do the right things for your business but also tell you the wrongs you’re doing with your website. I’m listing down the reasons why professional SEO help is necessary for your business.

1.       Save time

Professional SEO services save your time and energy. Since SEO is too complex and deep and it is in the constant process of change, you probably would not like to afford to overlook your projects and assignments and do something you don’t have any idea about and which only professional of years of experience can do.

2.       Enhance your Website’s Ranking

Business owners start their small business with a dream to get a large space where they can compete with the market and make their name. No matter, how great your brand is or how good your products are but at the end of the day if your brand is unable to reach the potential customers then what is the use of all the efforts you are putting day and night to get known in the digital world. That is why small businesses look for professional SEO services to help you grow and reach a higher level in the ranking, and Google trust list as well. SEO professionals understand your objectives and also help you in making the right decisions regarding your business.

3.        Saves You from Costly Errors

There are some errors we make which costs us a great deal. Sometimes, in the motivation to be heard, we do over-optimization by stuffing too many keywords and phrases in the content. Over-optimization not only devalues your content but also harm your website in search engine. SEO professionally looks into every detail of your site and saves you from doing these mistakes.

4.       Provides you Error Free Website

If you think your website is great in design and entirely error-free then you’re mistaken. Sometimes it is the website that damages your brand’s reputation and doesn’t bring in customers. Professional SEO services help you take a look at your website and will keenly see everything which takes time to load, your image sizes, and other additional things that stops you from getting a high rank in search engines.

5.       Bring in a large audience

To reach your potential market and customers, you’ll need a large exposure to social media since it is a mainstream place where most of the customers spend a large amount of time. Professional SEO services will understand the objectives of your brand and will bring in a large number of customers. A good SEO professional not only grows your business but helps you build meaningful connections on social media.

6.       Expands your Knowledge

A good SEO professional will always guide you and present your facts and analytics more commonly. You are more likely to learn about SEO, how it works, and its changing dynamics. Through a good bond and communication, you’ll gain knowledge about required practices and tools, and who knows maybe in the future you start to do the SEO on your own and make wise decisions for your brand. 

What to Look for in an SEO Professional

Since it is a matter of your business, so you need to be very wise regarding choosing SEO professional services for your brand or website.

1.       Avoid Black Hats

If any professional SEO expert or firm promises you overnight rankings then avoid him. SEO optimizes your content to drive an organic and unpaid audience to your site. A good professional always know that the dynamics of SEO is a constant flux of change, he understands how the search engines work, and continuous changes since Google changes its algorithm every week. Google instantly demotes your website when you use the tools of over-optimization and buying backlinks which in Google’s term are called Black Hats. So if any SEO professional swear to have expert knowledge then he could be using black hat SEO practices

2.       Experience in SEO Services

Experience counts! You probably would not want to invest a part of your money onto someone who is new to the field and doesn’t have enough experience or who doesn’t relate to your industry. See the professional’s experience and then count on him.

3.       See their Expertise

When looking for an SEO professional, don’t forget to see their expertise in the relevant field. Look wisely into every detail of their expertise and decide if they have the expertise that relates to your market and sections of problems. 

Why SEO Sydney services are best for you

SEO Sydney services are here to use all dynamics and practices that uplift your website. They will not only help you gain steady speed in the digital world but also reach a potential market where you can experiment, promote your product, find loyal customers, and build sincere connections. SEO services in Sydney and agencies are already gearing up their speed to charge sky-high fees and aren’t stopping anywhere soon.

With businesses shutting down due to low budgets and market’s black hats, small business owners are scared to invest in SEO which is too extremely crucial for their brand. Whether they overlook it or try to practice all the tactics, and processes by themselves which don’t know about and end up ruining the grace and value of their website. The SEO Sydney agencies and firms have to pay for their commercial real estate bills, weekly agency events, and lunches, and your small business can’t afford to pay them a fortune which you have saved to catch your precious dreams.

I, as SEO specialist have worked with several brands that made their name in their potentials markets and got a line of loyal customers at their doorstep. I’m here to work with you to help you grow your business and gain more revenue. I’m listing down why SEO Sydney Services’ best for you.

1.       A Freelance SEO Specialist who won’t  cost you a Fortune

As a freelancer, I do not have to pay for real estate bills and or pay employees or plan weekly lunches for the staff. Every dollar you are spending on the SEO services will directly go towards promoting your business, gaining organic traffic, and finding the right customers for you. So drop the idea of giving away your fortune. I stand behind my work and results.

2.       Value your Goals

SEO Sydney Company values and understands your objectives and goals regarding your business. Every detail regarding your business’s expansion matters. So, we here not only provide you with the best services but also develop a form of trust which understand s your long-term missions. A healthy and communicative relationship between your brand and our services will enhance the value of your brand along with your knowledge regarding SEO.

3.       Steer Away any  Black Hat Practices

What makes SEO Sydney Services’ apart from the others is that our services never practice black hat methods. Instead, we put our best foot forward and depend only on trustworthy and value-driven practices that provide you long-lasting, best quality results steering you away from any kind of penalization by Google.

4.       Achieve your Long Term Goals


SEO Sydney Services’ set and plan a strategy plan for your business’ growth. Our company believes in a long-lasting and long-term plan for your business’ using fair tactics of Sydney Search Engine Optimization services. 

What Services SEO Sydney Specialists’ offer you

SEO Sydney Services’ build strong bridges in SEO expertise to get our client’s dream come to reality. Search Engine Optimization Sydney helps you get known in the market place you wish to grow your brand in. The company provides several  SEO services to optimize your site, gives you wise suggestions related to the promotion of your brand. Here are listed services that SEO Sydney Specialists helps you in.

1.      Keyword Search & Mapping

SEO Sydney Company dives into Google’s billions of search queries and finds for you the golden keywords which best fit your site and make you seen in search engines ranking. We decide what keywords are the best to use in your content and different web pages. Since, your successful competitors follow the same keywords for constant boosts to their brand; it too helps your site incredibly. In this way, we understand your customer’s focus interest so they find what they look for on your web pages.

2.      Technical Audit’s Implementation

Our specialists cover different aspects of the entire technical Audit related to your site. Sydney SEO Services will analyze your website’s collective SEO performance, your brand’s niche, and would develop a fine report whose priority would be the implementation of factors that would increase your views and ranking. Our company also monitors everything according to rules and regulations. By covering Technical Audit, you’ll have an improved system and will surely gain revenue along with other benefits.

3.      Competitor Analysis

Sydney Search Engine Optimization assesses your competitor’s powerful search strategy, understands their strengths and weaknesses.  It collects information about their product, their practices, and campaigns to entice customers. We also inform you about your positions, where you stand in the market. Our thorough analysis will provide you analytics in a  simpler way, presenting all the threats and opportunities and the forces that drive traffic to their site in a strategic context to build wiser plans in the future according to competitor’s analysis. Sydney SEO services got their client’s back and provide the facts & figures that are simply worth every penny you invest in SEO services.

4.      Monthly Backlinking

Backlinks play an extremely meaningful and powerful role in promoting your site to its relevant niche and generate more revenue. SEO Sydney Services’ designs a firm backlinking strategy embedded in competitive backlink research to grow your website’s authority. By using wise strategies, Sydney SEO plans out the weekly or monthly roundups for backlinks. The company develops a backlink portfolio through detailed content analysis.  

5.      Schema Structured Data

SEO Sydney provides you with Schema Structured data which helps you categorize your brand and its niche for the trouble-free of the customers. We add best-fitted schema to your webpages, schema markup draws an enhanced description which appears in search engines. A wisely added schema to your webpages will add context relevant to your competitor’s. The context defines the services you offer, and where exactly you offer. Our company is always concerned to give our best to our clients which enhances their web presence.

6.      Monthly Content

SEO Sydney company analysis the content your competitors’ publish to turn users into customers. It also perceives the factors behind the traffic on their sites. Combining all the data, the SEO Sydney assesses the content you publish on your site, and by identifying the loopholes it provides you the keywords of popular content which you should be aware of and should be using in your website content. For better optimization, you use these keywords in your fresh content so that Google lists you in its index.

7.      SEO Backend


SEO Sydney services pay full attention to optimize your website backend. Off-Page SEO promotions and campaign means nothing without an optimized website. We provide you the best SEO services by smoothly executing all the fundaments and requirements Of SEO. The power of your brand always depends on a strong website backend that is optimized for performance and profitableness. 

Most Frequently Asked and Answered FAQ’S Regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is a process, which optimizes your website, promotes it on major search engines, improves your website’s ranking,  and provides you organic and unpaid customers.

SEO seems complicated but it is not that of a mess when you try to understand it through a strategic point of view. Here are four pillars of SEO which you should know for On-Page and Off-page optimization.

  • Content – Content is the key. SEO can do nothing if you don’t have fresh, engaging, and valuable content. Content should be the priority of every business because it is essential to online marketing.
  • On-Page SEO – It is a process of optimizing your web pages to rank better in search engines and to catch potential customers.
  • Of-Page SEO – Optimization of making quality content, trustworthy links, and strong social ties to get unpaid organic ranking.
  • Technical SEO – website and server optimization that helps search engines know your site and index it more effectively.

Your website’s design is one of the most important factors for your website’s success. It should always be user friendly so that those who explore your website using their mobiles can access it easily without facing an error. Sometimes, the sizes of pictures and everything that takes time to load damage your target audience and revenue.

SEO Sydney services always use better strategies and provide you the right and useful guidance to make your business grow. Our experience is proof of our authenticity and genuine regard for our customers.

Search Engine Optimization is the only way to optimize your site since it includes a large number of strategic tactics, which help optimize your site. Better optimization can be done with online marketing and SEO.

Remember, the main priority of Search Engine Optimization is not to rank you on Google’s front page but to promote your business in its relevant market, provide you unpaid traffic and loyal customer. When your business, through good content and wise SEO strategies begins to take speed, you’ll automatically start to appear in higher ranking and will be seen by your competitors.