“Our Massive Money Back Guarantee”

We can guarantee to provide first page Google rankings
for organic search results (the main search results)
for one of your main core keywords that we agree on
with you at the start of the job and which is related
to your business, and at least 3 derivatives of that
keyword within 6 months.

If we cannot provide this within the 6 months, we will
continue to work without charging until we can. If need
be we will even build you a simple new website based
on the look and feel of your existing website with more
search engine friendly features than your existing website
for FREE if we think the SEO on the pages of your existing
website is the cause of slow rankings.

If, after another 6 months (ie one year, with six months
paid SEO and 6 months FREE SEO), we still cannot provide
you top with page one Google rankings for at least one
agreed upon main keyword and at least 3 derivatives
of that keyword that is related to your business, we
will without question refund all the money that you
have paid for the work and we will also let you retain
all the work and progress we have achieved for you up
to and including that time, including the new website
if we have created one for you.

Reiterated: if we cannot provide top ten
Google rankings within one year,you will receive 100%
money back, plus free SEO for the previous 12 months
PLUS a free website to keep forever (if we have created
one for you). By receiving your money back for the first
6 months and free SEO for 12 months and a free website,
this adds up to more than 300% money back guarantee!


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